The Three Seas – Thakte Manush (live in Sydney)

The Three Seas perform “Thakte Manush” at the old 505 Theatre in Sydney, Australia. The Three Seas combine elements of Indian folk music and Australian jazz with a soulful and diverse array of voices and unusual instruments. Centre stage is young folk singer Raju Das Baul. His amazing stage presence, arresting voice and virtuosic Khamak playing showcase the best of the Baul tradition. Deaoashish Mothey brings his enigmatic style from the mountains in Darjeeling, while Kolkata-based rock drummer Gaurab Chatterjee (from the famous Bengali band Lakkhichhara), smoothly bridges musical cultures. From Australia, saxophonist Matt Keegan completes the unique sound of the band, with Stephen Aphlick on double bass for the band’s next album and this performance.The Three Seas’ debut album “Haveli” was recorded on location at the Piramal Haveli in the Rajasthan desert and is available on Yum Yum Tree Records.

Performance filmed by D.K. Robinson and Christina Rowatt. Edited by Christina Rowatt.