Shawna Potter of Baltimore’s War on Women is a welcome revelation, a powerful voice equal parts savage, full-bodied and soulful. In an era when the dominant vocal style is a death squall, to hear a vocal and emotional rock and roll range like Potter’s splashing over a palette of energetic American hardcore is joyous. Hitting […]

Australian musician Nath Core has an epic expanse of musical knowledge  (casually known as Encyclopaedia Metallica) and has created the digital worlds of many iconic heavy bands including Baroness,  Napalm Death and Neurosis over the years and shared some incredible moments with great artists, most recently travelling to Asia to watch Guns ‘N’ Roses in […]

Australian fashion model Tiah Eckhardt is the writer/creator of lauded lingerie blog “The Daily Knicker,” a blog showcasing a lingerie collection that rivals John Peel’s record collection. Tiah’s carefully curated lingerie recommendations have introduced thousands around the world to artistic, sexy and womanly designs with a rare level of editorial insight. Listen & Subscribe to […]

Legendary engineer and record producer Mike Exeter talks to Christina Rowatt about working with his longtime studio collaborator Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi, working on the final Black Sabbath record “13” with Rick Rubin, what it is like to capture some of rock and roll’s most magnificent vocalists including Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan […]

This week’s guest on The Void with Christina podcast is Sunny Singh, a filmmaker who has been capturing the live hardcore music experience on film for over a decade with his channel, Hate5Six. With an arsenal of over three thousand high quality live performance videos online, Sunny has invested thousands of hours in shooting, editing […]

Ryan Martin and Gibby Miller run Dais Records, an experimental record label that specialises in adventurous new artists and releasing rare and resurrected recordings. Launched in 2007 with Throbbing Gristle legend Genesis P-Orridge’s never before heard 1968 record, the label operates out of New York and Los Angeles. Ryan and Gibby joined The Void hosts […]

Peter “Blackie” Black and his legendary band The Hard-ons have been making Australian punk rock proud for 40 years. In this special podcast episode we explore his colourful history, from ingesting incredible 70’s rock to falling in love with punk, forming the band as kids, their wild and wonderful experiences around the world and country […]

This week’s podcast is dedicated to celebrating the incredible life of Anthony Bourdain, who’s bold and gentle spirit shone brightly on the screen and on the page. We also explore suicide, anxiety, how to stoke the burning fire of self love within that is necessary before romantic love and platonic love is possible, the profound […]

In this week’s episode, hosts Christina Rowatt and Michele Madden reflect on Jeff Buckley 21 years after his death, Liz Taylor’s incredible charity work, Stevie Nicks always having a fire burning, the connection between Van Halen and Blood Duster, being an underage waif in a bar, transformative teachers, Renaissance men, praying to Elvis, the elusive […]

In a special literary episode, your hosts Christina Rowatt and guest host Michele Madden explore a selection of the books and writers and poets that have left deep ink stains on our souls. Includes a robust discussion around Hunter S. Thompson, 1970’s punk rock, 1990’s Southern Gothic, the original Depression era crime writers, 12th century […]

In this week’s episode, hosts Christina Rowatt and Michele Madden explore the wonderful world of no bullshit veganism with Emma Roche of Plant Plate, the legend behind the incredible “Whole Food Plant-Based Eating on $5 a Day” cookbook, which is available as an e-Book or a hardcover book you may splatter lustily whilst cooking her […]

Zeal and Ardor is the musical brainchild of Swiss-American musician Manuel Gagneux who has created a unique, dark and brutal musical palette with broad brushstrokes of gospel music, black metal, birdsong, church organs, savage guitars and the voice of a shadow-hewn bluesman from another time. Listen & Subscribe to The Void with Christina podcast: Spotify […]

This week’s guest on The Void with Christina podcast is Aaron Spectre / Drumcorps, an American musician who creates unique electronic music that crackles furiously across the emotional, sonic and instrumental spectrum. As Aaron Spectre he is known for dancefloor destroying ragga jungle and breakcore. As Drumcorps, he’s built a bristling musical beast over several beloved records and […]