Lingerie Model Tiah Eckhardt of The Daily Knicker

Australian fashion model Tiah Eckhardt is the writer/creator of lauded lingerie blog “The Daily Knicker,” a blog showcasing a lingerie collection that rivals John Peel’s record collection. Tiah’s carefully curated lingerie recommendations have introduced thousands around the world to artistic, sexy and womanly designs with a rare level of editorial insight.

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In this in-depth conversation she speaks to host Christina Rowatt about her lifelong love affair with lingerie, her experiences as a high fashion, runway and lingerie model from the age of fourteen, her wildest and most glamorous modelling adventures in foreign lands, strides of pride and Sharon Stone on the stairs and falling love.

this immense moment of cultural transformation as the multi-faceted experience of being a woman is starting to be reflected in a more nuanced way, embracing bisexuality, the difference between Australian men and British/American men (and the lack of chivalry in Australian male culture), weird parallels between music and fashion post-GFC, capitalism versus self-love, sex and romance in the digital age and lots more.

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Host of The Void with Christina podcast Christina Rowatt also creates an interview-based YouTube channel featuring Australian and international rock artists and documentary-style features, with more than 100 episodes to date. Watch: